Fruitsalad with Vanillacream

Serves 12:
1 kg strawberries
1 kg apricots
500 g peaches
1 cantaloup
5 - 6 kiwifruit
alternative to these fruits:
500 g blue grapes
2 - 3 pink grapefruits
500 g white grapes
3 - 4 bananas
3 - 4 pears
ingredients you need every time:
200 g cut almonds
4 -5 tablespoons sugar 
some rum, if you want (about 80 ml)
0.5 l cream
0.5 l creme fraiche (sour creme with 30 % fat)
ground  Bourbonvanilla

Preparation: Cut the washed fruit in small pieces 
and mix with the cut almonds and a little bit sugar. 
Because all radio chemists know that alcohol is a 
good for prevention of radiation sickness, we put 
some rum in our fruitsalad for reasons of health. 
Now keep the salad cool for two or three hours.
The vanillacream is prepared as follows: 
Stir carefully the creme fraiche under the whipped 
cream, add ground vanilla and sugar to
the cream until it is sweet enough. If you have no 
original Bourbonvanilla, it can be substituted by

recipe by Christiane Franz
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